Flex Logix (

Flex Logix EFLX technology allows system-on-chip (SoC) designers to embed field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) into complex chip designs. The inclusion of FPGAs into a SoC enables key functions to be optimized or customized after the device is completely fabricated. Key features like protocols, encryption, filters and interface options can be updated after a device is installed into a system in the field.

EFLX-2.5K FPGA Core - The EFLX-2.5K FPGA core is an embeddable FPGA IP core containing 2,520 Look-Up-Tables (LUTs: each is 6-input, or dual-5-input, with 2 independent outputs with 2 bypassable flip flops) in Reconfigurable Building Blocks (RBBS) and 20Kbits RAM, an improved interconnect network, multiple clocks & scan: fully reconfigurable in-field at any time.

EFLX-100 FPGA Core - The EFLX-100 FPGA core is an embeddable FPGA IP core for implementing reconfigurable logic, containing 96 Look-Up-Tables (LUTs: each is a 6-input LUT with 2 independent outputs and 2 bypassable filp flops) in Reconfigurable Building Blocks (RBBs), patented interconnect network, clock & scan: reconfigurable  in-field at any time.

NSCore Inc. (

NSCore Inc. is a semiconductor intellectual property (IP) provider specializing in the field of nonvolatile memory (NVM) technology.

NSCore’s PermSRAM® is a high-speed and high-density nonvolatile memory macro using standard CMOS processes without any extra mask for OTP and FTP, one-time programmable and few-time programmable, nonvolatile memory IP.

PermSRAM® does not need a charge pump due to the lower programming voltage requirement of 5V typically available on the system board. In case of the small capacity macro like 64bit-256bit, PermSRAM® can reduce the area requirement 10%-20% compared to other technologies that require a charge pump.

NSCore’s MTP Memoy IP can be use as a embedded flash replacement solution in SOCs. They can achieve up to 100K cycle of endurance with no any additional mask layers added to a standard CMOS process. These solutions are the only "true" embedded flash replacement solutions currently available in the SIP marketplace.

TwinBit® is an embedded non-volatile memory solution with an extremely high endurance performance in the range of 10K to 100K cycles. The TwinBit solution covers a memory size range of 64 to 512K-bits, making it suitable for analog trimming, security key storage and also small capacity embedded flash replacement.

PolarBit® is an embedded non-volatile memory solution with an extremely high endurance performance in the range of 10K to 100K cycles. The PolarBit solution covers a memory size range of 1 Mega to 100 Mega-bits, making it suitable for code storage and also very high capacity embedded flash replacement.


SOFICS is the world leader in on-chip ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection. Its patented technology is proven in more than a thousand IC designs across all major foundries and process nodes.

The SOFICS Products Supported are:

TakeCharge - An ESD protection solution that has been proven in silicon from 180nm all the way down to 28nm technology. TakeCharge can detect ESD problems in the GDSII of a chip before it is sent out for manufacturing.

PowerQubic - A new High Voltage ESD Solution that has been validated in silicon and available today in the following technologies: TSMC 0.35um 15V, TSMC 0.25um 40V. This solutions can also be ported to other technology nodes.

Spectral Design & Test Inc (

Spectral is a design and test solution provider targeting systems and semiconductor organizations.

The Spectral Design & Test Products are:

Complex Memories - CAMs, TLBs, Caches and also extreme low power SRAMs.

Entropy - A DFT test point insertion tool that is based on a very unique statistical approach to identifying sections of a sequential/combinational circuit that are very hard to test.

MemoryCanvas - A visual memory compilation tool that eliminates the need to write thousands of lines of complex source code that is inherent to complex memory compiler solutions.

Memory Time - provides a comprehensive behavioral model generation, device sizing, design analysis & characterization tool targeted at memory designs and memory compilers. It also addresses the growing needs of memory designers to run statistical analysis, device optimization and characterization of nanometer designs.